Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Marie Antoinette Would Like You to Know She's Feeling Sexy; also She Threw Your Village Schoolmaster into the Bastille

Fred Klonsky:

Celerie Kemble.

The purpose of the meeting was to, according to the Times, create a friendlier climate for charter schools.

Friendlier climate? Any friendlier and they will have to wear protection.

One of those attending was our old friend, Ravenel Boykin Curry IV.

Ravenel is a partner in Eagle Capital Management.

He explained his presence at the meeting to the Times:

(Said) Curry, a partner in Eagle Capital Management, who attended the breakfast with Mr. Cuomo, “A lot of hedge fund and finance people in New York had decided state politics was too dirty and focused on their philanthropy.” Mr. Curry, a founder of two Girls Prep charter schools in New York City, added, “I think there’s an awakening now that we can be a force in Albany, but we’ve got to play a tougher game than before.”

Oooh. A tougher game. You rascal!

Speaking of rascals, have you met Celerie Kemble.

Celerie Kemble aren’t hors d’oeuvres, or horse doovers as we used to say at our fancy-shmancy parties. That’s Revenel’s wife’s name. And their child, “Rascal” Ravenel Boykin Curry V.

Anyway, Celerie was featured at few years back in Harper’s Bazaar.

As a Yummy Mummy.


Harpers Bazaar wanted the answer to the burning question we all want to know the answer to: From breast-feeding to Bungalow 8, how do these glamorous Manhattan moms juggle careers, babies, and beauty yet still find time to party?

On Halloween night, dressed in a tacky costume, Kemble had never felt sexier. “I felt hot and young and so excited to go out in a way I hadn’t before,” she says with the fervor of a college coed. “After a whole year of not feeling cute and charming, it was like I’d just been let out of jail. I was so happy to have my body back.” Kemble has realized that being “back to normal” after a pregnancy actually feels better than normal. In fact, being a mom has made her appreciate her figure and want to show it off. “It’s the new risqué,” she says.


Teachers are crying constantly. Constant breakdowns. So many teachers in my school are on anti-anxiety medication or on anti-depressants. The powers that be have succeeded in breaking the spirit of all the teachers in my school and I am sure in the other 23 schools in NYC.

Nothing a "an acid-yellow spandex butterfly-cum-wood-nymph costume online from Target" can't fix, I'm sure.

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