Sunday, January 14, 2007


Well, ah, you see, my regular blog was hacked last week, presumably because I'd been using a manually installed version of WordPress that I didn't keep up to date. Or maybe my shell password was too weak. Or something. Since I was using an account I bummed off some friends, I can't expect snappy service from their sys admin in cleaning up my mess, but it looks like everything is probably still there, just temporarily owned by root. Or perhaps the past few years of writing are gone. Or not entirely gone but theoretically backed up as of three months ago. Or six months, more likely. I've always been pretty much indifferent to keeping track of things I've made. Heck, there are records that I've played on that I don't have copies of. I think. I can't really remember. Regardless, the birth of my first child is rapidly nearing, and spending more time on systems administration does not seem likely to move up my list of priorities, nor does extensive forensic expeditions to dig up all those posts trashing David Warlick. So I believe I'm going to move Tuttle SVC over here. Hopefully I can restore the old archives in their previous location. Ideally I'll find a method to render the blog as static pages and forget about it. I'll spruce up the minimal design here over time.


Gnuosphere said...

I was wondering why your feed was not coming through. Welcome back and welcome to Hoffman Jr. when s/he arrives.

Tom Hoffman said...

Well, I'm still locked out of the old site. I'll nag Aaron again. I've just been a bit distracted lately.

Anonymous said...


You can run, but you can't hide. We'll track you down.