Monday, March 19, 2007

Respect My Awesome Powers of Prediction

I need to write a post calling out Project Inkwell a little more forcefully, but in the meantime, let me point out a highly amusing quote from Project Inkwell Chairman of the Board, Mark R. Anderson (from his FiRe website):

Best known for his accurate forecasts of important technology market shifts, Mark has correctly predicted Steve Jobs' return to Apple, the advent of a series of major PC market shifts and re-designs (including the CheapPC, the CarryAlongPC, and the Inkwell PC), and a decade of yen/dollar ratios. His ten-year, publicly graded accuracy rate is over 90% (emphasis added).

Yes, well, we'd all have good accuracy rates if we got credit for predicting projects we run ourselves and which have never produced a single public product. Not to mention that the only person on the web to use the word "CarryAlongPC" is Mark. R Anderson. What is he predicting? His own ongoing production of marketing terminology?

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Unknown said...

I'm sorry Tom feels this way. All of his comments are incorrect.

In fact, the term "CheapPC" became a part of common language in the Valley soon after I introduced it, and were often used by and about Intel for having missed this trend and lost share to AMD over it. Versions of the WorldPC have been produced by AMD and Intel directly, and by others in India, China, etc. AMD refers directly to the category as WorldPC.
Microsoft uses the term "CarryAlong" on its website trumpeting the new UMPC, a direct lift from my work.

Sorry, Tom, you'll have to go pick on someone else.

BTW, ALL of SNS predictions for the first eighteen months were publicly graded in quarterly reviews, with a final score in the 95% range. Since then, ALL SNS Annual Predictions, made at the SNS Annual New York Dinner in December, have been publicly graded, and carry a success rate of 93.5%.

Tom, perhaps you, too, should read SNS. As Kris Tuttle does from time to time.

mark anderson
publisher, SNS