Monday, June 03, 2013

Amos Earley Park

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There is a sore lack of public spaces in our neighborhood here between Elmwood Ave. and Broad Street. One of the livelier spots is Amos Earley Park, which is tucked unpromisingly between some apartment buildings and empty parking lots about 200 yards from Route 95.

You've got a scrubby soccer field that mostly African guys seem to use, an older and thus slightly gnarlier and more interesting swing and monkey bar setup, a running track that someone was inspired to add a twisty loop at one end that adds some variety for Vivian on her bike and me doing some LDP, a community garden, a muraled handball court I've not seen used, and tennis/basketball courts. So it is actually pretty dense.

The best part though is that it is where the Hmong guys in the neighborhood play Tuj Lub. I'd tried to figure out what they were playing without asking, and was kind of pleased that my Googling was completely stumped, and I finally asked about it today.

So despite the slightly out of the way location, on a good day you can get a nice wide range of people from all over the world pursuing all sorts of esoteric recreation.

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