Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Mmmm... Sausage

Alice Mercer:

I want you to think about how truly screwed-up the entire process and implementation of these standards must be that the authors are reduced to explaining themselves in a blog post comment. I want you to think of how screwed up the process must be if the final arbiter of what the standards mean is not a curriculum committee, or the state board of education, or a department of education, but one of the two listed authors. The last set of state ELA standards in California did not even have a listed author. You have to look on the publishing page to see two folks listed as editors. People make fun of documents written by committee, but what it does get you is some consensus, slightly broader input, and some expertise in the subject. These standards have NONE of those things if they have only two authors. IF the standards were written by more than Ms. Pimentel, and Mr. Coleman, they should have listed themselves as editors. The fact that they didn’t explains a lot about what is wrong with this whole enterprise, and why it was a mess from the very beginning. I’m guessing that one of the things that the Common Core organization was seeking to avoid by developing standards so secretively was having the public see the “sausage-making” part of getting to the standards. Guess what? You can’t avoid it, and now we’re doing it even as the standards are implemented. Way to go!

Officially there simply is no "Common Core organization" at all.

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Leroy's Mom said...

I'd rather eat your sausage than what's being cranked out now, lol. Let me know if you're ever interested in a swap for my jam. I know the overseas thing might make this impossible, but there is always next year.