Friday, November 01, 2013

Finally Putting a Red Pen to CC R.1

OK, here's my rough draft but full analysis and inter-"national" benchmarking of Common Core reading standard one.

Nine more to go.

Feedback encouraged.


Lear said...

I hope you keep going with this arduous project, and I hope someone takes on a similar task for the math standards.

I realize I'm a broken record but it is difficult for me to reconcile the tediousness of these standards with the pie-in-the-sky predictions of national transformation that their supporters attach to them.

Still, it will be good for future reference to have at least one person who's actually looked at the international "benchmarking" in a detailed way because one frequently hears about how these standards have been "internationally benchmarked," as if this assertion meant something specific.

So, so tedious, though. I'm glad you're doing it, not me. It's like peeling back the layers of an onion to find a really, really fussy, dull, mind-numbing onion.

Keep up the excellent work.

Tom Hoffman said...

Thanks for the encouragement. I find the process disturbingly entertaining.

doyle said...

OK, Tom, your last comment made me fucking laugh!

Give me a few days to catch up on this, but if even a comment or two keeps you going, then well worth the effort.

You're one (and a big one) reason I keep tromping off to work ever morning.....