Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My Latest at RIFuture: CFHS Four Years On


Taking a longer perspective on the CFHS data, a few things seem clear:

  • The school’s academic performance prior to the transformation was not as bad as reformers thought or presented it.
  • Rushing the process did not “save” the students in the school. The test scores of the student cohorts in the school during the process clearly suffered. They were worse off in reading and writing achievement according to the NECAP scores.
  • In the four years since RIDE named CFHS “persistently low performing,” the gap between CFHS and RI state proficiency rates has increased on all four NECAP tests.

One thing that I noticed looking at the assembled charts is that the statewide and CFHS numbers generally bounce up and down in parallel, suggesting effects of scoring/scaling/etc.

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