Thursday, February 12, 2015

Think of FedWiki as Desktop Application

I'm doing the Thinking Machines FedWiki Happening, trying to wrap my head around the federated wiki concept. At this early point, the first breakthrough is to realize that my mental map of the thing makes more sense if I think of "FedWiki" as an application rather than a webpage. Like, if you want to do FedWiki stuff on other people's sites, you need to start by "launching" your own FedWiki (i.e., navigate to it). Sometimes it saves files locally, like a desktop application.

Basically, it is enough unlike "surfing the web" as we know it that you have to shift your perspective a bit. It is a shift from how regular wikis work but also a shift from how the web in general conventionally works.

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garrett said...

"Communal Index Cards" - that's cute. I might suggest that if go to group therapy again. The conventional way they've done it felt so effed up to me, never attended a second session.

about the LINK-O-RAMA

Like I'm so done with music podcasts or any audio downloadable such thing, but the "cool interview" and "great playlist" caught my eye. Didn't listen, but the top photo is balls out cool, perhaps levitated by the Rick!!