Friday, April 24, 2015

"Opt-Out" has been Extremely Polite So Far


Not a single 11th grade students showed up to take the SBAC test at Nathan Hale High School this week, a Seattle Public Schools spokesperson confirmed.

It is more difficult to keep your 8 year old home for a week, but a lot of people could.

Also, kicking out the power cord, loundly breaking your pencil tips and/or humming "We Shall Overcome" 20 minutes into the test would also work.


garrett said...

Thanks for the reminder. Nathan Hale H.S. runs a pretty cool radio station. Mostly EDM, but a distinctive Gospel show sundays. Kicking live funk sound, the recording done with care, maybe like that of 'Big World' by Joe Jackson. I haven't tuned in for 8 years since leaving Seatown, so this sunday (7-10am C89.5 FM) i'll see if my hype lives up to it.

garrett said...

If you didn't hear, Nathan Hale's gospel show is spastic amazing as I remember. One can live without it.