Friday, May 08, 2015

If Only Education Could Be as Scientific as Medicine

Scott Alexander:

This pattern absolutely jumps out of the data. First- and second- place winners Nardil and Parnate came out in 1960 and 1961, respectively; I can’t find the exact year third-place winner Anafranil came out, but the first reference to its trade name I can find in the literature is from 1967, so I used that. In contrast, last-place winner Viibryd came out in 2011, second-to-last place winner Abilify got its depression indication in 2007, and third-to-last place winner Brintellix is as recent as 2013.

This result is robust to various different methods of analysis, including declaring MAOIs to be an unfair advantage for Team Old and removing all of them, changing which minor tricylics I do and don’t include in the data, and altering whether Deprenyl, a drug that technically came out in 1970 but received a gritty reboot under the name Emsam in 2006, is counted as older or newer.

So if you want to know what medication will make you happiest, at least according to this analysis your best bet isn’t to ask your doctor, check what’s most popular, or even check any individual online rating database. It’s to look at the approval date on the label and choose the one that came out first.


garrett said...

Tom, what is YOUR opinion of anti-depressants? I find them "smart and creepy and really cool." And somehow they help manage to "set the cold, uncomfortable mood" of existence.
Alliteratively, I'm just crazy for creepy cuddling on a cream colored couch condoning commercials I catch on cable, the blobby bouncing Zoloft bubble becoming a better bitch boy. I give anti-depressants 4 stars out of five. It's all good.

Anti-depressants are kind of a hush hush topic. Being a de facto lifelong supporter of gay rights, I find the expression Silence=Death to be applicable in many areas.

Glad you haven't asked me, I offer dumb advice. If you'd like more comments about these great articles you provide, try making comments on other people's blogs. Common courtesy says they will return the favor.

garrett said...

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