Friday, June 26, 2015

Of Course I Spoke Too Soon

Elisabeth Harrison:

After eight years leading Central Falls schools, Gallo brings up another point of pride: elementary school test scores have been improving, and a dual language program shows particular promise.

Not to put too fine a point on it, but it is easy to see that on six of eight NECAP tests, Central Falls elementary scores are lower than they were seven years ago (as far back as RIDE has posted). It just looks like 2012-2013 was an especially low year, even for CF, and thus there is a one year upward trend despite the fact that the long term trend is flat at best.


garrett said...

"Four Columbia House Insiders Explain..."
Weird, I once had tacos with one of these insiders.
Skimming the article,
I was bored and confused. For perspective, the tiresome Riot Grrrrl Manifesto
is 10x more interesting to me.
But I do thank you Tom. I've seen the AV Club website referenced elsewhere
and never bothered.

Tom Hoffman said...

I had one of the early Riot Grrrl zines, purchased directly from Tobi Vail at a Go Team show, but I suspect Keren Kurti ended up with it.

garrett said...

That's majorly hip before my time. Around 6 years after that I lived in Chicago for a the winter and hung with Keren a bit while she ran the soundboard at Lounge Ax. Ben Lee show - annoying. MOTO - rad.