Monday, October 01, 2007

The (Bad) Economics of Educational Gaming

Sylvia Martinez takes the occasion of the mega-release of Halo 3 to post on how the economics of commercial educational gaming don't seem to add up. She's right, but I think the obvious next step in this argument is that open source educational gaming might just work.


Sylvia said...

Hi Tom,
Thanks for reading this.

Do you know of any open source ed games? That would be something to watch.

Love the "She's right.." part.

Tom Hoffman said...

That depends on how you define an educational game.

Gnuosphere said...

I know a few.

Fish Fillets NG. It ain't fancy but you don't need fancy to work your noodle.

Einstein is another good one.

The sokoban-like games will work your brain matter too.

I use at least 20 or so games in my classroom. Many of them come included in a standard distribution of GNU/Linux or are easy to install.

Pathological is another.