Monday, May 05, 2008

Annotated Bibliography

Doug Johnson:

Here is my modest proposal... ADD the requirement that each citation include a sentence that argues for the authority of the source.

I don't know why this hasn't caught on already.

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apture said...

Hi Tom,

Tristan here from Apture. Great idea on the bibliography.. I saw your comment on Will Richardson's Weblogg-ed blog about Apture and wanted to give you a warm welcome to the Apture community. Please send us feedback any time at

Per your comment about HyperCard in 1987, that's exactly the sort of thing we're trying to accomplish with Apture. We're trying to say that the web could be a whole lot more than flat pages of text connected by links to more flat pages, it should be a rich, interactive multimedia-rich experience, much like HyperCard offered way back in the 80s. I grew up on HyperCard and know Bill Atkinson (the creator) personally. I think it was a key contribution to the field of interactive information browsing, and we're just trying to take all those ideas to the next level.

Love the blog so far, best of luck!