Thursday, May 15, 2008

One Reason I Declined My Invitation to the Ed in '08 Blogger Summit

Laura Varlas:

Huffington Post contributor and author Dan Brown related his experience as a first-year teacher in a high-needs N.Y. elementary school and basically asked how we can disentangle high-stakes testing from accountability. Paraphrasing his remarks,

The testing environment is terrifying, and my students' scores did not reflect their ability. High-stakes testing and accountability have been conflated. Is there research and development looking at alternatives beyond the high-stakes test? 

Ed Trust's Amy Wilkins responded bluntly, "Why were you in that high-needs classroom?"--Implying that inexperienced first-year teachers shouldn't be working with challenging student populations.

By my way of thinking, the only proper response to a question like that is a torrent of profanity.

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Chris Lehmann said...

I would have been left sputtering.

My favorite one of the comments that I've heard lately:

"A standardized curriculum is the only way to ensure differentiated instruction."