Monday, June 30, 2008

Eve Online in the Times

The NY Times ran a couple of articles on "the most interesting, serious online game in the world," Eve Online, last weekend. One, Face to Face: A Council of Online Gamers, on the first meeting of the democratically elected Council of Stellar Management in Iceland.

I'm very happy with the news from the meeting thus far. There are, as far as I can tell from my vantage point, some serious technical design issues with combat at Eve at the largest scale, but it sounds like CCP (the company that runs Eve) is going in the right direction.

They also ran a piece on the annual RL barbecue held by the Band of Brothers alliance, including this bit of in-game news:

At the barbecue Mr. Molen unveiled a new strategy called Max, for Maximum Damage. While most Eve campaigns center on taking and controlling regions of space, BOB’s new Maximum Damage doctrine focuses on simply pillaging and destroying the territories of others.

Since Ushra'Khan currently does not control any space, I think we can only benefit from BoB shaking things up.

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