Thursday, June 19, 2008

Taking Down My Lawn Sign

I've taken down my Obama "lawn sign" in the sidebar because I simply cannot support a presidential candidate who will not speak out against telecom amnesty, which has, unfortunately, risen from the dead once again. Every time this comes back, despite its unpopularity, it reinforces the argument that amnesty is necessary to hide something which, even by the standards of the Bush era, would shock the conscience of this nation. This amnesty confirms that there will be no bounds, no bounds whatsoever, in the collaboration between big corporations and the national security state to surveil our private lives.

This bill did not come from Barack Obama, but he is the leader of the Democratic party now, the party that controls both houses of Congress, and if it passes without him speaking out strongly against it, I cannot support his campaign. I've already given $100 I could have given to him to the campaign to stop this bill, and it will be easy enough to send the rest of my contributions this year to EFF and the ACLU.

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