Thursday, March 26, 2009

New Neighbors: Armory Revival

Just found out that The Armory Revival Company just bought the vacant single family house house next door and the vacant carriage house diagonally across the street from us. This is good news; their modus operandi is fixing up old properties and selling them, so it is a good indication that things aren't going to go into free fall. The house next door has been vacant for a year. It'll need a ton of work, the plumbing's been stripped, etc., but you can also see the potential for turning it into a nice urban starter house. The carriage house has been vacant for about five years -- it is really badly sited as a residence, so I'm kind of surprised they bought it. It was looking like a candidate for the kind of program they have in Cleveland now -- just knock down the house and merge the lot into the neighbor's.


Mr. Lauer said...

Hey Tom,
How about a few pictures... you still have the fish pond?

Tom Hoffman said...

The pond has been filled in. Everything looks like crap right now after the winter, although a few things are coming up in the garden. We're all getting over colds still, so we haven't been doing anything outside yet (it has been chilly). Pictures from last summer:

Also, the carriage house is on the left and the white house next door is on the right.