Thursday, March 12, 2009

What's Up With Aris Connect?

I ask in GothamSchools comments:

Do you know if any of the “web 2.0″ parts (blogs & other collaboration tools) of Aris are online/being used/work yet?

An Anonymous Principal responds:

The blogs, wikis, and discussion boards in ARIS have been operational for a few months now and appear to be used very little so far. Some principals may be using these functions but I personally don’t know another principal who is actively using them. None of the teachers in my school using these functions - or anything else in ARIS for that matter. I do use it to look up student data (attendance, exam scores, credits) but nothing else since it’s more user friendly than the other systems we use (ATS/HSST) and plays nicely with Excel when you export data.

If only there was some kind of publication which covered educational technology news.

Later... GothamSchools follows up.

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Anonymous said...

Limited usefulness, and open for supervision both in our schools and from the Department of Education's central offices. I'm glad the reporters thought this was fun; teachers need to be more careful.