Monday, July 27, 2009

Frederick Ivor-Campbell (1935-2009)

Kyle DeCicco-Carey passes on the sad news that Frederick Ivor-Campbell was killed in a car accident on Friday. Fred was not only one of the first and foremost scholars of 19th century base ball and a respected leader in that community, he was a resident of Bristol, Rhode Island, and thus an important friend, advisor and supporter of the Providence Grays. I had the pleasure of meeting Fred at the Grays' annual July 4th games in Bristol. Between at bats I'd point out my newest obscure uniform details, and he'd pull some pieces of original Grays ephemera out of his binder to wow us. He will be missed.

Fred's wife Alma was seriously injured as well in the accident but is expected to recover.

Update: ProJo article on Fred.

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Jill Davidson said...

I am so sorry to read this. We so enjoyed meeting Fred at the Providence Grays game last month. Elias felt privileged to spend time with him. How sad.