Monday, November 28, 2011

Of Course, this is Exactly the Kind of Thing that has been Systematically Eliminated from District Schools Over the Past Decade

Michael Goldstein:

Linda loved to get Lorraine Monroe to guest-teach. Lorraine was a famous “No Excuses” principal in the New York City public schools. One thing she stressed was….foreign travel.

To further expand the experiences of Academy students, Dr. Monroe stresses cultural diversity. To build on this, she has taken several students on trips abroad to places as far away as Israel, South Africa, Europe and Canada. Day trips to New York’s own cultural sites, including theaters, museums and ballet halls, are also a regular part of the curriculum. “As a child, I didn’t get a cultural fix on this city. I was never exposed to art,” Dr. Monroe says and adds: “You’ve got to give kids that kind of sense that the world is theirs.”

And will never be "what we can learn from successful charters."

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