Sunday, March 04, 2012

Rough Graphs

Some more quick D3 experiments. A scatterplot of RI schools with free lunch on the x axis and NECAP reading on the y, based on 09-10 data. Same data coerced into RIDE's proposed 5 point ranking system from the NCLB waiver.

I'm thinking the one to focus on would be an animated graph of PPSD schools over the past four years or so. There have been so many changes, it is easy to forget how much has been done, especially considering the lackluster results. You'll see a big collapse in the range of scores, but losing the high end more dramatically than the low.

Well, I probably should get the whole dataset in there for the past three years, because I have a strong suspicion that the main effect of Commissioner Gist statewide is getting everyone much closer to their proper spot on the trendline.

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