Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Wait, What's a "Successful Turnaround?"

Sarah Sparks:

About half the schools identified as initially low-performing were able to show some signs of improvement within three years; another 35 percent showed no increase in student-achievement status or growth.

But 15 percent of schools were considered true turnarounds: They improved the number of students reaching proficiency in math or reading by at least 5 percentile points, with student growth rates in the 65th percentile statewide.

That's funny, because I remember the PPSD and Deb Gist's RIDE shutting down (with extreme prejudice) reforms in Providence high schools that raised reading proficiency rates forty and fifty points. Heck, Central Falls High School went up twenty-five in the two years prior to beginning their turnaround (they've gone down again subsequently).

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