Monday, August 26, 2013

I Guess There Weren't That Many "Shovel Ready Projects"

Let us recall that Race to the Top was ostensibly a stimulus program.

Linda Borg:

To date, Rhode Island has spent $44.4 million (of the $75 million grant), of which $21 million was awarded to local districts, according to Gist’s spokesman, Elliot Krieger. The grant allowed the state Education Department to hire 22 staff to develop and roll out the new programs.

Obviously blowing it in a frenzy would be stupid, but the pace here is weirdly slow, especially considering how many millions of literally shovel ready projects could easily be done in Providence, starting with, say, turning the block where Young and Woods, Roger Williams and Juanita Sanchez into an actual campus instead of an expanse of blight.

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