Friday, August 23, 2013

I Thought Common Core Advocates Were Focused on Implementation

Alex Costello:

The data that the tests provided the district, Johnson said, is “uninterpretable and unusable.” He gave an example: in eighth grade, Rockville Centre students take the algebra Regents exam, which is usually administered in ninth grade. This year, about 95 percent of students passed it. The eighth-grade state math exam is supposed to determine how prepared students are to take algebra, yet only 39.5 percent of them passed that exam.

I don't know why Common Core advocates didn't just immediately cut bait on Pearson's New York exams. They were obviously a massive fiasco, and that crew loves nothing more than criticizing someone else's flawed interpretation or implementation of the standards, so it would have been easy enough to just blame Pearson for screwing up? Right?

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Leroy's Mom said...

The move now seems to be doubling-down on stupid. Maybe it's related to the recent national obsession with high-stakes poker?