Thursday, January 09, 2014

Blackstone Valley Prep Tweets a Lukewarm Analysis of Their Own Previous Pedagogical Judgement


Unknown said...

Come on Tom. You are better than this post.

These were part of live tweets quoting directly (well, as directly as live tweeting allows) during the RIDE presentation talking *generally* about the difference between pre-Common Core and post-Common Core. These were not a direct reference to BVP, though Common Core does push us to improve, especially around the depth that we teach content.

Readers of your blog who often disagree with you, like me, expect to be challenged. Your thoughtful critiques of the ELA Common Core standards make us all think deeply.

Watch our full video - I'm sure in our discussion there are elements that you could have fun tearing apart...certainly better than attacking tweets out of context.

Note: I don't always disagree: I also like homemade soppressata and think Feinstein was screwed over when they closed it.

Tom Hoffman said...

Point taken, Jeremy, but since my snark there was pretty lukewarm too, and anyone can go see the rest of the tweets, I'm not going to lose any sleep about it.

Twitter does bring out the worst in me.