Sunday, June 01, 2014

Things I Don't Understand at All

Anya Kamenetz:

The lawsuit names students including Briana Lamb as members of the class. In the fall of 2012, when Lamb showed up for her junior year at Fremont High School in South Central Los Angeles, she says her schedule was full of holes. "I had four 'home' periods, and one 'service,' " she said. A home period means just that: the student must go home. During a service period, sometimes you help teachers do photocopying or pass out papers. Lamb says that at other times it just means sitting around. That meant Lamb had actual classes for just a few hours a day—not enough to graduate on time. "It made me nervous," she said. "I knew exactly what classes I needed to be in to finish my 11th grade requirements." But it took weeks to sort them out.

This is John Deasy's LAUSD?

Jenna Harrison:

Moreover, majority of the seminars led by TFA staffers were more detrimental than helpful to my development as a first-year teacher. While I appreciated the sentiment behind the sessions on culturally responsive teaching, many a time they continued to contribute to the racist mentality I believed that TFA was perpetuating through its recruits. Majority of these sessions consisted of a person of color preaching to a room full of Corps Members that white people are the reason why our students suffer. As an individual who is very well-versed in white privilege, I believe it is downright ignorant to blame an entire country’s shortcomings in educational equity simply on race. Instead of wasting precious instructional time on essentially brainwashing its Corps Members, Teach for America should focus its efforts instead on recruiting CMs that are well-versed in ALL of the injustices individuals face in our global society – regardless of their sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation, gender identity, religious background, etc.

That just sounds like the worst case scenario all around, and pretty much the kind of time-wasting psycho-babble we've been told practical alternative certifications are needed to avoid. But, who knows?

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garrett said...

Thanks for your Link-o-Rama section Tom! Maybe these educational theorists can spout their dogma over some heavy guitar riffs. Robert Plants "time-wasting psycho babble" lyrics garnered millions of fans. FULL DISCLOSURE: i have their two cd package of the recent one-off Live Reuinion in Wembley. It is heavy dope. Then I saw an interview with the band all together. Very sweet democratic vibe among those four, unlike any band I've seen together. Like Wimp Factor sang "Equanimity!"