Monday, April 16, 2007

Summer of Gradebook

I'm mentoring a Google Summer of Code project for Ubuntu to create a teachers gradebook client (i.e., a desktop app, not a server) for Edubuntu. The student working on the project is Leandro Lameiro, a Brazilian who I haven't met but was at the PyGame sprint at PyCon, so he was sitting 10 feet away from me for three days. Since we're already settled on using Python, GTK and SQLite, it should be very easy to package the finished application as a Sugar activity for OLPC, which is an exciting possiblity.

The first problem to solve is the name of the project. For some reason the initial name was "Coon." My American readers can see the problem with that.


Gnuosphere said...

How about "Gnota" or "gNota" to recognize 3 things...

1) free software's GNU Project
2) brazilian developer influence using a portugese word
3) nota meaning a grade, mark or score in portugese

Tom Hoffman said...

Gnota. I like it!

Gnuosphere said...

"portuguese", sorry.

The modularity mentioned in the link would be great as an enhancement for SchoolTool.

Leandro Lameiro said...

Hi Gnuosphere.

Thank you very much for your suggestion. That is a good one!

And thank you Tom for posting it here and helping me with the name and mentoring!

Best regards
Leandro Lameiro