Tuesday, July 24, 2007

On "Twittering While America Burns"

Regarding Gary's recent critique of the (K-12) education blogosphere's focus on "edugaming, all things Web 2.0, Flickrs of NECC photos and abstract ruminations on school reform" over weightier issues in educational politics, I agree that more political engagement from this group would be welcome, but it is also pretty clear to me that this group is just not as liberal as one might assume. So whatever discussion and/or activism we would end up with would be equally annoying, if not retrograde.


Stephen Downes said...

That's true. The politics are all over the map. If you look at the whole web 2.0 movement in schools closely, you can see the fault lines.

Gary said...

Interesting point. I just read that 30% of Simpsons fans say they are conservative.

However, the lack of any sort of debate of an issue with the gravity of the resegregation of American schools - in what we're told is the greatest democratic forum in history - seems outrageous to me.