Sunday, August 12, 2007

Boring Gutsy Upgrade Post

I upgraded my desktop to Ubuntu Gutsy Tribe 4 (alpha) yesterday. That is, I did a clean install (rather than apt-get dist-upgrade). It worked on the whole. Unfortunately, the Compiz 3-D desktop effects still don't seem rock-solid. That's supposed to be a major feature of the new release. One reason I made the switch at this point is that Feisty had some multimedia issues on my system. I had a hard time getting the system to switch to using my new sound card (instead of the onboard one) and sound with Flash video (i.e., YouTube) never worked. It works now, so I've restored that distraction. Since football season approaches, I got MythTV working again as well. The driver support for video capture has improved since I first did it under Dapper.

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