Saturday, August 25, 2007

Stupid Capcha

Bill MacKenty's capcha doesn't show up on my browser, so here's my comment to this post (which, quite frankly, is probably not worth your time, but I've already written the stupid comment, so here it is):

I don't agree with the first few points.

If, for some reason, you want to blog for six months, why not? It isn't like you're going to be unpleasantly surprised by the fact that, as you anticipated, you decide to stop blogging. What are we comparing this to? If you're talking about other types of amateur publishing or broadcast, the fact that you can try blogging out at no cost and stop if you feel like it is a great advantage, compared to, say, publishing a magazine or getting a show on a local public radio affiliate or cable access channel.

Unless you're applying a super-strict definition of what a "link post" is, the massive popularity of blogs like Boing Boing and good old Slashdot (to name a few) would seem to refute your second bit of advice.

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Bill said...

Hey Tom!

Thank you for your comment - Sorry my capcha isn't working, I've removed it for now, until I can fix the permissions on the image directory.

Here's the deal:

I think the best thing blogging can be is about providing a novel, smart, and unique perspective on issues relevant to your readers. We are looking to influence and inform a discussion about a topic (sometimes, we are just venting, which is ok, too).

The reason I suggest people blog for more than 6 months is traction, and the incredible ratio of noise to signal in the blog-o-sphere. I also see many people and businesses think about blogging as some type of "magic wand" which will help their product, point-of-view or maybe their business. They start up a blog, and spend a month or two vigorously posting, and then (like so many blogs) fade into obscurity. I wonder how many great ideas we are missing because people don't realize it takes time for great ideas to be noticed on the internet? There is also search-engine optimization, which is important if you want your ideas heard by many folks; and this also takes quite a bit of time.

I should of been clearer when I referred to link-post. Usually the entire post looks like: "great story here".

Helpful? Sure, but it doesn't add to the three criteria I mentioned in the beginning: novel, unique and smart. Slashdot has hundreds and thousands of threaded comments for each link - I'm not sure that's bloggy in the sense I was referring to.

Thank you for your comments, again. I've posted this reply on my blog (removing your name) to help clarify what I meant by blogging.

By the way, I found your comment about "...not worth your time..." a little unbecoming; please don't forget this :-)