Friday, August 17, 2007

Last Word (for a while) on SIF and Jabber

I ended up spending a good chunk of Thursday doing more research on this, despite myself. I looked more deeply into the XMPP (the more technical name for Jabber) publish/subscribe (PubSub) specification. With Jabber server supporting PubSub, I think you could do SIF over Jabber without a dedicated Zone Integration Server. What's more, it seems like PubSub is supported by several server-side implementations. However, as far as I could glean, it is not supported in the existing client libraries, particularly in Python. Yet. At this point, trying to figure out the Jabber specs and existing libraries well enough to do this myself is even less appetizing than returning to my SIF_HTTP code, so I can shelve this idea for six months, but I'll keep an eye on the relevant libraries.


stpeter said...

You might want to check out Idavoll (an XMPP pubsub implementation in Twisted Python):

Tom Hoffman said...

Yes, I found that... but it is a server side component. I didn't find any Python client side PubSub libraries.

Unknown said...

Hi Tom. I'm the author of Idavoll, and also work on the Jabber bits of the Twisted project. I have some code around for the client side of pubsub that I will integrate into Twisted eventually. I can give you what I have at the moment.

Tom Hoffman said...

Hi ralphm,

I'll probably take you up on that eventually, but since this whole exploration was a digression from other (more boring) work I really should have been doing, I'm going to hold off for now.

Thanks though!