Thursday, September 20, 2007

Chandler 0.7 Released!

Scott Rosenberg notes the release of the latest Chandler milestone, 0.7. The glacial pace of development of this once inspiring project has been a deep disappointment. Still, with some excitement I fired up the new release on Ubuntu Gutsy. Looks good! I poked at a few menus found "Accounts..." item, selected it and... dumped core.

While I second guess many of my development decisions with SchoolTool, running away from wxPython is one I have not regretted.

Later... to be fair to the Chandler developers, as they point out in comments, Gutsy is not supported in their release, and in fact Gutsy itself isn't even itself released. So the fact that Chandler doesn't run on Gutsy is neither particularly surprising nor an indictment of the quality of work on Chandler.

Nonetheless, it is particularly depressing for a Python programmer to have a Python program crashing with a core dump like this. I mean, I basically understand why this would happen, and avoiding this kind of fragility is why I (and just about everyone else) has been running toward the web instead of cross-platform GUI libraries like wxWidgets.


Unknown said...

Chandler Desktop is supported and runs fine on Ubuntu Dapper (6.06), which is the first long-term service Ubuntu release. LTS releases are the ones the Canonical guys provide corporate support for.

I run Dapper on the Dell I use as my day-to-day dev machine, and Chandler runs great.

I don't know if Chandler will run on the current Ubuntu release, Feisty (7.04) -- but it also might be worth noting that Gutsy (7.10) isn't even officially released yet.

Reid said...

It should be pointed out that Chandler is only officially supported on/qualified against Ubuntu Dapper Drake, since it's the "Long Term Support" release.

Gutsy Gibbon isn't even out yet, so I don't think testing there is a good idea. I successfully run Chandler on Edgy Eft all the time myself.

ob. disclosure: I'm a Chandler dev

bear said...


I'm the build/release person for Chandler and as the other two comments have mentioned we haven't even tried to build on Gutsy Gibbon yet.

Could you forward to me the core dump or even a screen shot of the error message? I'll create a vm of GG this week and start tracking down what has changed.