Friday, September 28, 2007

The Liberty Elm

Elmwood is a neighborhood where a funky coffee shop is still a novel (and not necessarily viable) idea. I've been patronizing the new Liberty Elm diner on Elmwood Ave. The location is a bit awkward for foot traffic, but I can stop there on the way back from dropping off my Netflix at the post office.

Good food!


Jean Haley said...

We have just had a DELICIOUS lunch from the Liberty Elm Diner. This is real food, with a homemade touch. Large and tasty mediterranean tuna on olive bread, hand-carved (literally!) turkey on ciabatta roll and some fresh veggie barley soup. All this at a most reasonable price, with friendly service. The diner is light and bright inside, decorated in beautiful colors and with comfortable furniture. This is a great place to have a relaxed and delicious meal.

Gina Waite said...

I, too, recently enjoyed the Liberty Elm Diner experience. Although I was not able to lunch at the diner itself, I was delighted to find the sandwich I ordered was served on an enormous ciabatta roll and positively stuffed with ultra-fresh tasting thick slices of hand carved turkey. The accompanying pickle was crisp and garlicky and there was a generous helping of crisp potato chips. I will be back on Saturday with a friend!!