Friday, September 21, 2007

Hypertext Humor


"Into the Wild" is essentially humorless: Chris' encounter with a couple of Swedish tourists, one of them a curvy beauty who lounges boldly on a Colorado riverbank sans bikini top, is one of the few places the movie even flirts with levity. But even then, Chris seems only slightly amused by these amazing Swedish breasts; there's something inert, almost neuter, about him. In a hippie trailer town, he also meets up with a very young singer-songwriter (played by Kristen Stewart, in a sturdy, sensitive performance) who offers herself freely; he nobly declines on the grounds that she's too young, but you get the feeling he's not that interested anyway.

See how they throw that random link to an index of stories about Colorado in the middle of discussing topless Swedish girls and their amazing breasts? I'm not sure whether or not that's a little joke by a bored staffer, an automatically generated link (but Alaska doesn't get the same treatment earlier) or a little trick to boost pageviews and thus ad revenues.

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