Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Active Antenna & Other XO Stuff

My request for a development "active antenna" like is used on the OLPC servers was approved, so I should be getting one of those in a few weeks. Ideally I'd have a small, silent, low-power box to connect it to. Anyone have a Mac Mini they're looking to sell, cheap? Any other ideas?

Trying to get the USB2VGA adapter to work has been kind of a non-starter. I mean, it should work, the main hurdle being compiling the module which is already in the standard tree but not included with the XO build which is, understandably, rather stripped down. I actually switched my desktop to Fedora to make the process easier, but the instructions on the wiki just aren't working for me. I'll try to get some help on IRC during business hours tomorrow.

One other thing I noticed while browsing the web on my new Fedora box tonight. Firefox on my regular PC running Fedora seems to have some of the same problems as it does on my XO (also based on Fedora). That is, hitting certain scripts and grinding to a halt, although my PC can recover much more quickly than the XO. But Firefox on Ubuntu doesn't seem to have the same problem.

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