Thursday, January 31, 2008

The Odd Edu-Twitter Zeitgeist

Kathy captures it:

So, usually when I have a techno-discovery I go charging out of my office to share the news with someone-- a teacher, secretary, or even a 6th grader if they will listen. No one is usually very interested. However, today I went right to Twitter to share my discovery with people who ARE interested!

I have figured out the power of Twitter (for me) is the ability to share my ideas and thoughts with like-minded individuals who DO get excited about geeky techno-discoveries and enjoy sharing their own, too!

Or, she could blog it? Clearly, some sort of itch is being scratched here, probably just the marginal ease of use, informality and chattiness of Twitter pushes it over a tipping point for a lot of teachers (vis a vis blogging). Still... I find it weird. One more win for large pieces tightly joined.

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