Friday, August 08, 2008

Unboxed = Awesome

As you may have noted, I periodically pick on bloggers who write about school reform without seeming to know, well, much about significant school reform initiatives of the present and recent past. The flip side of the problem, which I also try to flog, is that the folks planning and working at innovative schools are generally fairly stingy with professionally useful (i.e., specific enough to be the basis of an external implementation of the idea) info about their schools, particularly on the web. I am, at least, sympathetic to the fact that the folks working in schools don't have a lot of extra time to do this kind of publishing.

So I am very happy to discover (and I'm afraid I'm getting worse at keeping mental track of which sources are pointing me to which resources) that the High Tech High Graduate School of Education has published the first edition of their new journal, Unboxed, in print and online. You can see the contents of the first issue more easily than I can describe them. Overall, the articles hit the sweet spot between theory and practice, to make this journal uniquely readable and useful to all teachers and administrators in progressive schools. It is very action research oriented; many or most of the authors are practitioners.

More like this, please.

Also, in the piece on blogging in the classroom, you'll find a link to the first blog by a High Tech High teacher that I've seen: School(ing).

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