Friday, October 03, 2008

The End of the Reagan Revolution

Andrew Leonard:

The moral authority of the Reagan revolution has collapsed. It will be many, many years before a Republican can address the nation with a straight face and declare that what we need is more deregulation. Oh, they'll try it -- I've heard Senators and Representatives make that very case this week. But the majority of Americans will not pay attention to their garbage. [...]

The spectacle of this enormous bailout is an undeniable refutation of the ruling philosophy of the last 30 years. Government has failed us. If this country survives the economic turmoil that is sure to come, we will never be the same. We might even end up better off, because of it.

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Albertas Agejevas said...

I've just read an article that states the same, and goes on to suggest that it's the moment of demise of USA as the world's only superpower.

The parallel with the fall of USSR is staggering -- a failed economical ideology plus an overstretched military budget.