Saturday, October 11, 2008

The Universe Goes Planetside?

It is ironic that the real world home of my favorite game universe based on cut-throat capitalism, piracy, intrigue and outright warfare is being devastated by a real world financial crisis. In the meantime, however, in-game financial news is good!

Rens – Six Kin Development, one of the Republic's largest construction firms, was awarded a government contract today for the construction of a number of new housing developments in decaying urban centers throughout the Republic. Urban Management, which is managing the contract, awarded the contract to Six Kin only two weeks after the company released its line of new biotech construction materials and designs, a technology previously almost unknown outside the Federation and the State.

These new projects are intended to replace thousands of residential units that are in poor shape largely due to shortfalls in maintenance funds over the last few decades. The proposed replacements will use the latest in advanced construction techniques to improve the quality of the dwellings and reduce maintenance costs. They will also include many of the aforementioned biotech products, including those designed to improve air quality and provide greenspaces within housing developments, part of an effort by Urban Management to reduce the air pollution that afflicts many Minmatar urban centers.

Six Kin's plans have raised many eyebrows in- and outside the Republic. This is one of the few times in recent memory where a Minmatar corporation has been asked to take on such a cutting-edge project. Most suspect this is an effort by Prime Minister Shakor to both promote domestic industry, instead of contracting to Federation corporations as has been done in the past, and showcase the technological progress of the Republic while war continues to rage on the border with the Amarr.

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