Saturday, January 31, 2009

Capsuleers React to Slave Emancipation

News of EVE:

Ushra'Khan is a more militant Pro-Matari organisation, infamous for its long-standing racially-charged territorial feud in Providence versus CVA, which ended in defeat for the Matari factions. Despite this, the organisation is still active in its dedicated fight against the Amarr Empire to free all slaves. One of their diplomats, Kerth Gersen, explained its stance on the emancipation: "It is far from sufficient; As anyone with any familiarity with Ushra'Khan knows, we fight for the freedom of *all* slaves." Explained Gersen, "I'd like to emphasize that the economic impact is a distraction -- one can be assured that the Empress has had sufficient due diligence done to be prepared to take advantages of the economic impact.  The same is true of Amarrian politics: there will be power games in which this announcement plays a role of some scale. But in the end there remain millions of slaves still yearning for freedom. Those poor souls are not assuaged by this, for their own suffering continues. And as long as that is true, Ushra'Khan has work to do."

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