Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Broad Brand


Minnehan said teachers are concerned about Lyles because she was trained by the Broad Foundation’s Superintendents Academy, which trains educators and businesspeople to lead urban school districts. “We don’t want anybody here from the Broad Foundation, because we had a guy from the Broad Foundation a couple of years ago who bankrupted the district,” she said. “If the board turns around and hands her a job, there’s going to be a firestorm here.”

Branding cuts both ways...

Also, who am I supposed to think of when I read something like this:

The leadership in many urban districts does not accept the connection between a quality preschool opportunity and stronger literacy.

You mean, like, the generals, lawyers, etc. who run urban school districts now? Turnaround artists and MBA's? School boards? People with doctorates from ed schools? Really, I cannot conjure who I'm supposed to think of as "urban school district leadership" in 2009. If urban school districts are still badly led, whose fault is it now?

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