Wednesday, May 06, 2009

Who is the Slacker Who Got Them Into this Mess?


The effect has been a sonic boom to a school system, the nation's third largest, that is mired in urban woes—and, in some cases, a sense of complacency. "It's been a huge change in the culture," said Robert Runcie, the chief administrative officer. "His management style is data driven. He wants results. It doesn't matter if you work 300 hours a week. If it doesn't make a difference for the students, it's not working. He's really shaking things up."

Yes, good thing Chicago brought someone results-oriented after eight years under that complacent hippie Arne Duncan.

I'm beginning to think the simplest explanation for some of the education journalism and commentary I've been reading is a space-time rift causing alternate realities to bleed through.

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Anonymous said...

Still scratching my head over this article, Tom. I thought Vallas and Duncan already saved Chicago? This new guy's job should of one who takes over a Super Bowl champion. Wasn't that what the CPS was since Vallas rode into town 15 or so years ago? Sounds like they were the Detroit Lions, after all.
I am guessing this guy will move on to bigger and better things by the end of the 2014 school year. I give Newsweek until Spring of 2015 to write a new article about how the "new new new new guy" came in and made heads roll. I was wondering why I am not a Newsweek subscriber. LOL.