Thursday, November 18, 2010

Online Banking: Double Fail

We've always tried to use Quicken for the Mac because, well, presumably it should work, and we've got our checking and savings accounts at Citizen's because it was convenient. But not only do the two not work well together at all -- in particular you can't do direct download from Citizen's into Mac Quicken -- but a little Googling reveals that Citizen's doesn't play nicely with others in general, and Mac Quicken just sucks.

So... I guess I need to change both. I need to find a reasonable, ideally socially-conscious local bank and personal finance software which just works without fiddling with any goddam import files. Any ideas?


Unknown said...

I use Moneydance. It's pretty similar to Quicken, but runs in Java. It's nice because Mac, Windows, and Linux are all equal class citizens -- I'm an ex-Quicken user who got pissed at constantly receiving an inferior product because I'm a Mac user.

As far as a bank, check out your local credit unions. Ask how well they integrate with online banking. Make it clear that that's a big part of your decision, so that even if they don't do it well now, they'll know it's important to customers :)

Jason said...

Wainwright Bank in Boston + covers my needs.