Wednesday, November 10, 2010

The Social Compact is Clear

Tim Furman:

I have been wrong before, and I might be wrong now, but I believe this is the academic calendar at the school where Cathie Black's children went to school. It's curious how there's not a date for the CAPT, nor is there a page for the value-added data that this school compiles. You know, the data that tells how effective its teachers are based on predictions made by people who look at test scores.

Oh, wait. Almost forgot. Wealthy people can opt out of testing. In fact, they can opt in to  entire schools that opt out of standardized testing. Standardized testing and the regimentation that accompanies it, and all of the crazy conclusions that are derived from it--- that's all for poor people and for middle class people who will soon be poor. The social compact is clear.

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