Friday, December 10, 2010

Nobody Could Have Predicted

Elizabeth Harrison:

Rhode Island Mayoral Academies announced today that Democracy Prep is pulling out of the Blackstone Valley charter school it helped to start...

Democracy Prep was founded by Brown Graduate Seth Andrew and operates a middle school in Harlem. Cumberland Mayor and RIMA Board Chair Daniel McKee says he was unable to reach an agreement on a new contract with the organization to continue working with the Blackstone Valley campus.

Hilarious! All along I've been puzzling over how the Mayoral Academies baroque management hack would possibly work over time. I guess we now know.

In particular you might ask yourself why the "mayoral academy" was not represented by itself, its board, or the constituent mayors, but by the RIMA organization. Conveniently, RIMA is now at least headed by one of the relevant mayors, but that wouldn't necessarily be true in the future.

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Jason said...

16-77-4.1 'provided, further, that such mayoral academies shall have a board of trustees or directors which is comprised of representatives from each included city or town and is chaired by a mayor of an included city or town. For purposes of this chapter the term “mayor” shall include any elected town administrator.'