Tuesday, December 28, 2010

What's Missing from the ProJo's Turnaround Analysis

What's omitted ProJo's background/analysis piece, A slow, bumpy road to change at Central Falls High School, is a look at the recent high school turnarounds (and startups) in Rhode Island. Instead of getting quotes from people from out of state who would never deign to actually try to turn around a school themselves, like that asshat Justin Cohen (although it is always impressive to see that someone "spent time at Edison Schools"), perhaps Jennifer Jordan could have spoken to teachers and principals who have dedicated decades of their lives to living and working in Providence and turning around its high schools, often with a great deal of success. At least until the work is undone by administrators and politicians.

Here's a good question: What does Fran Gallo think of the Hope High School turnaround, which took place while she was a Providence administrator? What does she think about Feinstein High School, or The Met? Were they successful?

If CFHS's reading scores went up over 50 points in two years, would that be a successful turnaround (Hope Arts)? If (like FHS) they completely eliminated the race and income achievement gaps vs. the state in writing (which may be more sensitive to teacher effect)? What about if they get their graduation rate up to 75% (the Met)? Or is all other progress nullified by NECAP math?

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