Saturday, August 06, 2011

Disincentivizing Obfuscated Legislation


82% failing schools implosion is the biggest jolt to cult members since doom failed to appear on Saturday, May 21st. We don't want to sound like we told you so or anything, but we told you so - more than once.And, let's not forget about this one.

A more helpful link is to this post by Charles Barone. And yes! I'm convinced, but of what?

Barone explains that yes in one paragraph NCLB clearly calls for 100% proficiency by 2014, but a careful reading of subsequent paragraphs reveals this provision to be as full of loopholes and exceptions as the rest of the law. It was written this way to provide glib political talking points but the seemingly tough policies could be evaded as necessary in the future as necessary.

Barone is clearly and patiently explaining to you that 100% by 2014 is political bullshit, and he knows that because he was the one who wrote it that way. So there you go, straight from the bull's ass.

But there has to be some disincentive to writing intentionally misleading public legislation, and that disincentive is people repeating your bullshit long after it is useful to you, but when it becomes useful to them. If you don't like it, write straightforward laws that promote good public policy in the real world, instead of this shit.

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