Tuesday, August 23, 2011

How to Ensure a "100% Admission to 4 Year Colleges" Stat from Your School

Achievement First:

Graduation Requirements
ACCEPTANCE TO A 4-YEAR COLLEGE: Students must earn acceptance to a four year college in order to graduate from Amistad Academy – Elm City High School.


susan o'connell said...

My rage is so great that I've got to hold back, or my comment would take several days to write.
I'll just tell you what my 16 year-old daughter said upon reading this:
"wowwww… that's MESSED up."

Tom Hoffman said...

I was just saying to my wife that I've avoided getting too mad at Achievement First themselves up to this point, but considering the number of times they've trotted this stat out, and how disarming it is... I'm feeling pretty burnt.

Anonymous said...

I think I'll open a 4 year college that accepts all comers with a $200 application fee.