Sunday, August 14, 2011

Spreading Dysmorphia to Schools

Yves Smith:

If you read the business and even the political press, you've doubtless encountered the claim that the economy is a mess because the threat to reregulate in the wake of a global-economy-wrecking financial crisis is creating "uncertainty." That is touted as the reason why corporations are sitting on their hands and not doing much in the way of hiring and investing.

This is propaganda that needs to be laughed out of the room.


Just like these sculpted lads (on the cover of Men's Health), corporate America takes extreme measures to look great for the end-of-quarter shoot. But the problem in the business world is that public companies are “dieting down” all the time, starving their businesses of needed investment and engaging in short-term expediencies.

Even worse, the belief that it is reasonable to try to meet an unhealthy standard has infected the business psyche. Body dysmorphia, a distortedly unflattering perception of the body, occurs when people are dissatisfied and pre- occupied with their appearance. Examples include teen-age boys who use growth hormone to achieve a muscular look, along with growing numbers of men and women afflicted with eating disorders.

Like individuals who identify with an unattainable standard of perfection, Big Business increasingly suffers from corporate dysmorphia. Corporations deeply and sincerelyembrace practices that, like the use of steroids, pump up their performance at the expense of their well-being.

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