Wednesday, September 07, 2011

Dana Goldstein Takes You to My Wife's Classroom

Dana Goldstein:

When I was researching for my book this past spring in various Rhode Island public schools, I sat in on Jennifer Geller's 10th grade Contemporary World History class at the Providence Career and Technical Academy. That day's state-mandated lesson objective was to "trace patterns chronologically for events leading to World War II in Europe." But Geller, a 12-year veteran in the district, used technology to layer a more ambitious and contemporary media literacy skills-building session on top of the dry history.

Its a pretty routine lesson, well executed.

Oh, also, if this is the kind of teacher you'd like to have in your school, we're looking and willing to relocate for the right school...

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Andrew said...

Can you translate the last sentence of the quoted piece into English?

Good luck on the relocation!